The Science of Amnion

The Science of Amnion

The Science of Amnion

For the last 10 years, autologous stem cell therapies have been used to treat many different forms of injuries in animals. From orthopedic lesions to superficial lacerations, cultured stem cell regenerative therapies have aided in the rehabilitation of these animals.  AniCell Biotech products are different though, we have created immune privileged, allogeneic, amnion products that don’t require harvesting of tissue and can be used the same day as diagnosis.

Over the past six years, the use of amniotic membrane‐based products for humans has grown due to innovation in preservation and storage that do not alter the biological characteristics of the amniotic material. No adverse side effects in any transplant hosts have been reported as a result of the utilization of such membranes and fluids, known as a transplant allograft. Multiple studies have demonstrated the compelling and acceleration of wound, bone, joint, and tendon healing resulting from allograft applications.

AniCell has developed a revolutionary proprietary collection and processing techniques to commercialize equine and canine amniotic products for veterinary applications. These innovations include the ability to store placental tissues and prepare the allograft so that it can be used in an injectable form.

Recent scientific studies comparing bone marrow extracted stem cells to amniotic stem cells proved amniotic material to be more robust. This immune privileged amniotic therapy enabled the horse to resume activities in half the time of the bone marrow therapy and the rate of re‐injury was 5 times less. Until now, there have been no commercial options available for veterinary uses.

Veterinary Ophthalmology Journal reviewed the use of amniotic membrane transplantation for ocular surface reconstruction with a series of 58 equine clinical cases (2002–2008)

Cytotherapy Journal of Cell Therapy article investigating the efficacy of amnion-derived compared with bone Marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in equine tendon and ligament injuries (2013)

Dr. Vanessa Bradley DVM

“This was my first time using this product, and I was very impressed with the results. The EquusCell products were used to treat a severe, potentially career-ending hock laceration on a yearling filly, and she is healing remarkably well.”