About AniCell Biotech

About AniCell Biotech

About AniCell Biotech

It’s not often a rancher’s wife breaks down in tears, but 6 years ago, Brandon Ames, CEO and founder of AniCell Biotech, took an unexpected call from his mother that would launch a pivotal shift of regenerative veterinary medicine as we know it.

On the heels of having to euthanize her favorite mare a couple of months earlier, Janette Ames was now facing the same heartbreaking inevitability for her granddaughter’s horse. And why? Chemical founder. A lethal drug interaction between two Corticosteroid; one to treat hock inflammation and one to treat colic. Not just $100,000 in prized show horses gone, but beloved companions, confidence builders and exercise partners halted a once ACTIVE lifestyle of the Ames family.

Ames began to ask himself all of the “why” questions. “Why just treat symptoms? Why not develop technology that actually solves the problems of hock inflammation? Over the years I had witnessed so many treatments used to address the symptoms of injuries and very few that actually solved the root cause of the issue.”

“I was aware of a new, all-natural regenerative technology being developed and used to treat people that was showing promising results in orthopedic injuries and chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers. We had used stem cells and other regenerative treatments in horses for years, but they were invasive, time consuming and required painful harvesting bone marrow or fat. Then they needed to be cultured for up to three weeks before treatment could occur. Other solutions required our vets to purchase expensive equipment to provide the solutions for our horses requiring us to drive them 3 hours to have them treated. This new treatment simply recycled nature’s blessings by collecting the amniotic fluid during childbirth. Why not do the same thing for horses?”

Being a long-time entrepreneur, Ames assembled a team to research the use of amniotic material and components and began finding amazing results not only for the horse and owners, but for the veterinarians using them. They found that these regenerative treatments can be used the same day as the injury, are able to be used in the field, are more efficacious and safer to use and best of all, less expensive than similar treatments. Cellular Biologist and AniCell team member, Dr. Moises Barcelo DVM, PhD said “We’re also very excited about the prospects of use for preventative treatments.”

This technology is provisionally patented for use in horses and dogs to treat tendons, ligament, hard-to-heal wounds and eyes. When referring to this new venture that finds him uniting with others who are on the forefront of transforming veterinary medicine Ames says, “quite simply, we are in the recycling business, collecting the miracle of regenerative medicine from nature’s blessings that would otherwise end up on the ground.”