Veterinarian Testimonials

Veterinarian Testimonials

Veterinarian Testimonials

We can tell you how effective AniCell treatments are, but there’s no better testament than from the veterinarians who have used our products.

Dr. Scott Williams DVM

Dr. Arlynn Blazer DVM

“I was contacting your business in regards to the ocular graft distributed by your laboratory. One of our veterinarians learned about your products at a continuing education meeting in Lexington last month. A week after the meeting, conveniently enough, we had a patient present with an advanced stage melting corneal ulcer that the owner had been treating with a topical antibiotic / steroid ointment for 1-2 weeks. The cornea had began to deteriorate despite all efforts. In a last attempt “Hail Mary” we spoke with Amanda at your company and decided to give the graft a try. After the graft was placed we observed all the side effects expected and continued with the recommendations of the laboratory. One week after placement the cornea looked greatly improved, the defect had covered,  no longer any visible protrusions, and prognosis for returning globe improved considerably. Thank you for the guidance in use of the graft and we believe that without this product the end result would have been enucleation of the eye on this patient.”

Dr. Cindi LaCroix DVM

“I have now used both AniMatrX and AniMotion in meniscal injuries, collateral ligament injuries, and intra-articularly in degenerative joint disease. All the horses that I have treated were chronic injuries that did not respond or responded poorly to conventional medicine. The results have been favorable, and in some cases remarkable. Because of my positive experience, I am planning on adding AniCell Biotech’s regenerative products to my treatment options.”

Dr. Erin Moore DVM

“I would rather use this product right away for a corneal ulcer than put the horse and the owner through the difficult task of treating the eye 4-6 times daily. Amazing! Happy owner, happy pony, happy veterinarian!”

Dr. Vanessa Bradley DVM

“This was my first time using this product, and I was very impressed with the results. The EquusCell products were used to treat a severe, potentially career-ending hock laceration on a yearling filly, and she is healing remarkably well.”

Dr. Lucas Thomi DVM

“Regarding your products, I will absolutely continue to use them in selected cases, such as tendon and ligamentous injuries. I will also discuss it with owners in selected high risk cases, such as fractures in older miniature dogs, open fractures, highly comminuted fractures, and articular fractures.”

Dr. Lauren Schnabel, DACVS, PhD, DACVSMR

“I have been extremely impressed with the StemWrap and AniMatrX products for the treatment of complicated wounds, including those over joints. These products accelerate healing and promote the formation of healthy granulation tissue. They are also well packaged and easy to use.”

Dr. Mike Cissell DACVS-LA

“I am surprised by the mobility of the gelding in such a short time. He has had a chronic consistent lameness for the last 4-5 years, and the rapid improvement in the quality of healing noted in the ultrasound has been very impressive. We started to see improvements in tendon healing within just a couple of weeks of injection with the AniMatrX. I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress in this gelding.”

Dr. Jeffery Richman DVM

“After the intravenous CanisCell treatment from AniCell Biotech, (for spondylosis) which took less than an hour in an IV infusion, Coop has significant improvement. He can go for walks, is less painful and most of all seems happier.”

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