Caspian’s Shattered Sinus


AniCell’s StemWrap Amnion Treatment of an Impact Injury to the Facial Crest


Warning! This case study contains pictures that are of a graphic nature.


AniCell is a biotech company that extends the ACTIVE life of animals using amniotic material to create all-natural regenerative treatments for veterinarians to treat tissue-related injuries.  Unlike our service-based competitors who harvest tissue by creating wounds to cure wounds or big Pharma drugs which treat symptoms, AniCell produces, with no harm to animals, affordable, field-ready amnion products available the same day as diagnosis.

Case Description – Impact Injury to the Facial Crest

Dr. Randy Scarrow and Dr. Caroline Rossner of Southside Equine Services in Virginia used AniCell’s StemWrap amnion biological bandage on Caspian, a 17-year-old Walking Horse gelding that fractured the bone structure caving in his frontal sinus on a round pen panel post when spooked during exercise.  The laceration was approximately 4X6” with the a 2X2” hole in the sinus cavity.  He was originally seen February 10, 2016 immediately after the injury. The laceration was cleaned, debrided and then, the remaining skin flap was sutured over the hole in the sinus (pictures 1-3).

Initial facial injury presentation showing soft tissue and shattered fractured sinus

Caspian was next seen 9 days later, on February 19, only to discover the skin flap had devitalized and an infection had set in causing increased nasal discharge from the left nostril.  Therefore, the dead necrotic tissue had to be debrided, leaving the sinus exposed under the eye and the pocket was then packed with hypertonic saline.


Follow-up visit after suturing– Devitalized Tissue – Feb. 19th, 2016

On February 29, Caspian was anesthetized and one StemWrap 5x5cm amnion biological bandage was placed over the hole with a skin graft of healthy tissue rotated forward to cover the hole and graft to keep it in place.   A second StemWrap amnion allograft was used to treat where the skin graft was rotated from.


Surgery with EquusCell StemWrap Amnion Biological Bandage – Feb. 29, 2016

Finally, on March 14, 32 days after the injury, the sutures were removed. The hole in the sinus had been completely covered and the area where the graft was taken from was healthy and continued to heal well. Caspian appeared very happy to be back in his turnout without having to have his face bandaged anymore!  Dr. Rossner had this to say, “His face looks amazing!  There is no visible deformity in the bony anatomy of his face when looking at him head-on and the scarring is so minimal that you might not notice it without specifically looking for it.  Strangers don’t even notice the injury.  Most of all, the owners, Dr. Scarrow and I are thrilled with the way this turned out and will definitely use StemWrap in future cases.”

 Follow-up Checks after Amnion – March 7,  March 14,  & June 10, 2016

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