Chandler, AZ, December 13, 2017 – On Thursday, November 23, 2017, AniCell Biotech launched its AniCell D product line of temperature independent regenerative products at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

In general, regenerative therapies are serviced-based and require invasive harvesting and up to a month to culture before they can be used to treat injured animals. The AniCell D line mitigates this becoming the first implantable, amnion-derived regenerative products ever to be stored at ambient temperature and able to be reconstituted in the field for animals.

In 2015, AniCell Biotech became the first company in veterinary medicine to offer regenerative treatments using amnion – a noninvasive, nondamaging form of regenerative therapy which uses the natural materials collected from the birth of an animal – primarily horses and dogs. This material can be used for wound management of soft tissue injuries including superficial wounds, tendon and ligament injuries, bone fractures, ocular wounds, and joint issues.

Prior to the launch of the AniCell D line, these products were only available in a cryogenic (frozen) format. The ability to have all natural, safe amniotic-based products available in a cost-effective, temperature independent format transforms the industry paradigm requiring surgical suites, expensive lab equipment, and training to work with regenerative products. AniCell now can not only be used by rural mobile veterinarians in the field but can be brought to developing nations with limited access to veterinary hospitals and labs.

“We are incredibly excited to be leading this new technology to the marketplace,” says Brandon Ames, AniCell’s President and CEO. “Initial acceptance has been overwhelming. Sales for November 2017 are up over 240% compared with November 2016, which just serves to reinforce how high the market demand is for these types of products. I am extremely proud of all the hard work by the team to bring these innovative products to market.”

About AniCell Biotech:

AniCell Biotech is an Arizona-based biotech company that extends the ACTIVE life of animals through the development of all natural, quality biologic products that accelerate healing using amnion derived allografts.

AniCell’s internationally patented-pending products are specially designed for veterinarians to treat fractured bones, damaged ligaments and tendons, joint inflammation, eye injuries and superficial wounds in both large and small animals.

AniCell is a Flinn Foundation and AIC Grant award winner and most recently a runner-up in the 2017 Venture Madness. In just 24 months, AniCell is a commercialized biotech that has treated over 1600 animals through 287 veterinarians with a success rate of 86%. AniCell has 7 employees and 4 interns from BASIS and Gilbert Schools and at a growth rate of 450%, AniCell is poised to truly extend the ACTIVE life of animals.