AniCell Biotech launches regenerative products to treat dogs


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by KayDee Gilkey, reporter

AniCell Biotech has recently announced that it has a line of exciting regenerative products to treat dogs’ tendon and ligament damages and hard-to-heal superficial wounds as well as eye wounds. AniCell Biotech CEO Brandon Ames shares more details:

Ames: “Our canine product line is specially formulated for the canine market place and it is the only commercial available allogenic in the market place today. So we are able to treat same-day or next-day with regenerative treatments without having to harvest product from the existing animal. So opposed to providing services to veterinarians we are able to provide products for same day treatment.”

Ames continues with the specific products AniCell Biotech provides, “Our product line consists of AlloMatrix, AlloMotion, AlloOcular and Stem Wrap products. These products cover everything from treating cranial crucial ligaments and tendons as well as treating ocular cornea ulcers, melting ulcers in the eyes. We are also able to treat any type of superficial wounds with our product line. As well as treat inflammation of hips — so early on-set hip dysplasia and arthritis we are able to treat at the first inflammatory response and delay issues that are associated with that.”

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